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Mardi 16 août 2011

Samsung WB700 24mm wide angle 18 times optical variable card DC

Samsung WB700 is a 24 mm have 18 x optical zoom camera that incorporates focal length of the range capability up to 432 mm (35 mm camera equivalent). This camera is obvious for many graces shoot model for integrated performance as travel range photography lovers of design, in particular of the hull, portable and practical lens to the IBM ThinkPad T43 CPU Fan  focal length and the and varied according to the segment of the filter. So what shoot this ability camera? 18 Times the slight change in the practical performance lens and how?

Sensors, Samsung WB700 have a gold 1/2.33 inch CCD sensor 14.2 million pixels. Work with OIS + DIS double stable system, hold the camera can be used for players with the greatest stable shooting support. This camera with a rocket 18 times 24 mm to 432 mm on the market is not the easy change Schneider Lens covering focal length so high card telephoto zoom multiple of similar nature.

For a pocket camera for WB700 tele with light and size and high zoom lens at the same time as the photo is also more practical model. In addition to the support of the traditional P A S M shooting model outside, this camera is equipped with intelligent automatic, double FangDou, scene mode choice for you. At the same time record mode, the user of DuoZhong intelligence filter for the, more convenient and fun can in regular also.

Samsung CN2829 Laptop Keyboard  before the Panel is create metal material, the surface with grind sand deposits spray materials comply with. At the same time, we see this camera design have a grip, therefore, can better joint hands model, which can increase the hold the handle. WB700 measurements 105.6 x 58,9 x 24.9 mm, weight of 203 grams.

Samsung WB700 fuselage with a rear three inch 230000 pixel LCD, already popular for 460000 pixel 920000 pixel LCD screen, apparently some lag for the rear WB700 screen,. At the same time, we see that WB700 hull back button design is very precise.

Samsung WB700 1050 mAh lithium battery

Samsung WB700 random is equipped with a Samsung IA-BP125A Camcorder Battery , taken upon in life provide us with much longer support makes. The author during testing, one full of electricity that after some 200 photo even after more than 50% of the electric power. This shows that the battery of travel should be used is sufficient.

Samsung WB700 Schneider 18 times optical zoom. The focal length covers 432 mm (equivalent to 24-35 mm lens). The largest lens aperture value (the) F3. 2 and F5. 8 wide-angle (tele end).

The last focus distance 3 cm (the most wide angle). Only to see WB700 can this lens specifications of the coin, but have the squaring in the lens is 18 times, the light is still really valuable volume.

Samsung WB700 even have 18 times optical zoom capability, but use three shots of a cylindrical tube of adjustable range but WB700 didn't fine zoom speed.

Samsung WB700 used still a cable design, so that the power supply that can users then the power adapter and computer USB port to power supply, very concise, aesthetic sense is body for camera keys of the design for the whole body, but a natural points, to control the taking into account of the convenience is relative, some weaknesses.

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