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Mardi 31 mai 2011

How to make the digital camera battery province electricity

The battery is a key to digital camera, I'm afraid, of crucial importance, lens, want to had seemed, offers a high-performance batteries as subsequent power is essential. But in time again good battery, if not good for maintenance and service, will use also not as long Nikon Coolpix S70 Battery Charger and then lose strong motive, so that the maintenance of the battery is very important.


Avoid the frequent use of Flash: If you are not professional photography personality of words, it is not in the dark night, watch daytime light intensity for average digital camera, see it is enough.

1. Try to avoid operation unnecessary zoom: Zoom camera has a shrink, very power consumption. Can replace way "Camera zoom" started with "artificial zooming" to save power.

(2) Let you was not screen on: if not in the cases can customize power, LCD viewfinder of the image composition, for a digital camera close it the power consumption of the LCD, General digital camera parts in closed LCD can be used if the time is about three times the original length.

3. Less with continuous shooting and video: using less as far as possible also pat function and dynamic images, because the cache is this short films by the end of the body function temporarily save function makes integrated screen, assumed by many.

4. Avoid is by all means frequently open and shut down: many users know the display was on very power, used to power, often opened and closed. In fact often open and shut down can be wasted energy consumption, especially for the larger workpiece diameter, and the need to Nikon EN-EL3A Battery Charger  be less than the more highlights screen drastically telescope camera speak, machine very switch power consumption. Most digital cameras ways have automatic switch-off this unfavourable setting too short, otherwise easy to cause often open and closed. Of course people should try open and closed also the frequent to avoid.

5. Optical FangDou without FangDou is often open: optical lens by the driver component or image sensor, the topic of image and the relative motion between the sensor and implement. A lot of power consumption, especially a kind FangDou mode adjustable "often open what can the optical FangDou kind and way", so more power dissipation caused heavy. Therefore we should be closed in the good light scene FangDou function, must use optical, even less, "often open" mode use.
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