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Jeudi 14 juillet 2011

Main points of digital photography the way

1. traditional knowledge of photography
While the sense of digital photography and different traditional film  JVC GZ-MG20 Camcorder Battery , but it is certain, is essentially the same theory of a common in all forms come. Many friends play digital is changed not front of traditional photography, Canon NB-4L Battery Charger , can say: it's not, because the photo and select digital, but as exposed to was in digital photography, so, inevitably weaker for the theoretical foundation of traditional photography, many of the ambiguities of the concept, don't fully understand, of the overall level of photography as a film school friends. Most modern science appears seemingly, friends and technology of digital photography are the most, in fact, broad instability of Kung Fu, not film three confused road under heavy fire, also on its own in the photographic nature of the cause of the problem. Therefore, the digital mission should build, power, digital economy, simple, intuitive, and other advantages, thought during the filming, page capture combined with theoretical knowledge, the basic theory and techniques of photography, treatment of congenital anemia.

2 digital post production technology
We all understand the importance of post production, needless to say. Like many traditional masters of IBM 13R2657 CPU Fan  is not necessarily a darkroom master, many friend the understanding of the post-production digital color, it remains only on the image to download, browse, save, to a reduction of up to something, are regarded as traditional darkroom, digital post production aspects which could benefit as factory processed image! Only one computer one with endless variations, everything! If the majority of friends to give up the dream factory, was the untold loss. Detailed digital make late, also required by image processing know, need from imaging Foundation, limited to expertise of friends were inadequate, color discourage, unwilling down the mood digital advantage is sent to understanding, only to be overcome, and master, also practice is theory, combination learning learn technology of the approach, then transfer digital learn, attack film of inadequate, congenital advantage digital makes sent advantage, not only in surface, and remain to lower levels, photography art revolution wave to meet!

3. Anbau des Geistes ihrer ästhetischen Qualitäten und konzentrieren sich auf
Photography first is a door art, and other art form of different of Department is, it must with Yu technology of means to implementation, with social of progress and technology of development is closely related to, and close combination, regardless of implementation of method is with to chemical way (silver salt film) or physical way (CCD photographic technology), last of results must is meet people of aesthetic views of, otherwise cannot said its for art works, we cannot requirements ornamental who of aesthetics and own of consistent, only let own of works meet mass of taste, contrast other as painting works creation process of hard, photography relative on easily has many, fillip between on can expression out own on panorama of feel, but we also see, many works also is not wonderful effect even was, hidden in beauty behind of, is countless of effort and waiting, and on art cumulative of precipitation, after all a little of viewfinder in the see of content and no by put my foot of eyes by see of great difference, and mind in the looks forward to appears of scene more has different, then good of skills not equal to excellent of works, throughout jars of works, also is has many not satisfactory of Department, which is has objective causes of limit, not denied has many is this can avoid of itself causes caused of. Diese Verbindung ist es zu arbeiten.
Faithful perseverance, hard work, lives there, lustful memories!
Par 2dealsnet - 0 commentaire(s)le 14 juillet 2011

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